Why Halal is the New Hotness

I’m going to give you a quick introduction to halal and then dive into the halal meat industry.Halal meat, as the name suggests, is the meat that’s slaughtered and cooked to be kosher.Halality means that the meat is not smoked.If you’re an experienced consumer, you can buy halal meats in grocery stores and in the


How does the stock market look in Korea?

Korea has the world’s second largest economy, a population of 1.1 billion, and is home to two of the worlds most advanced manufacturing facilities.It is also the only major country in the world where you can travel to the United States without being stopped at customs.The nation also boasts the world as the fourth largest


How to find mom’s organic meat market

When you’re trying to find a mom’s local market, you’ll likely want to take your shopping online.And with that comes a big opportunity: you can browse mom’s mom’s store, find mom- and dad-owned businesses, and get tips on how to start a business.There are a few things to remember: 1.Searching for mom’s mother’s organic butcher


How to invest for the future

Ireland is looking to grow its economy by 50% over the next decade and a half to reach the €100 billion target by 2020, the latest official figures showed.In an update to its 2016 budget, the Irish Government also proposed a 10-year plan to tackle the economic challenges of the global financial crisis, including by


TechRadars #1 TechCrunch

The #1 place to read TechCrunch articles.TechCrunch is a tech-centric magazine, and their blog has a long list of tech-related articles.The site has recently taken on a more serious tone, and the focus is more on the tech industry.The latest TechCrunch #1 article features a video interview with the founder of an online learning platform,


Stock market holiday stock market holiday stocks

Holiday stock market holidays are the most popular time of year for investors to invest in stocks and their market is one of the most valuable holidays for investors, as well.However, holiday stock markets are more volatile than the market generally is during the holiday season.There are two major holiday stock indexes, the S&P 500

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