Google’s new YouTube video app will allow people to make YouTube videos for a dollar


Google announced today it’s launching an Android video app for $9.99 that lets people make videos for $2 a piece.

The app will be available on Android and iOS devices, and Google says users can make a video of themselves performing some of their favorite activities, such as playing games, listening to music, or taking a shower.

YouTube videos will also be available for $1 a piece in both platforms.

The move will be interesting for people looking to create their own YouTube videos.

Many people already use YouTube for other things, such, uploading short videos of themselves playing games or recording a short video of them using an app like iMovie.

YouTube says users will be able to make videos of people playing a game, and recording their short video.

The announcement comes just a few weeks after Google added the ability to make short videos in the new YouTube app for free.

Google previously allowed users to create videos for free in YouTube for Business, but those videos were only available for a few months before they were removed.

The new YouTube Video app also includes features that make it easier to create a video.

For one, users can upload their video to YouTube, where they can review it, add comments, and upload a “video quality” slider that can be adjusted to help make the video more or less professional.

YouTube also announced today that it will soon begin adding more content to its YouTube for businesses.

The new business video feature will be rolling out to the first 30,000 businesses, and will include the latest YouTube videos, ads, and other content.

YouTube has been a leader in video creation, but it hasn’t always been this competitive.

As Google’s mobile video platform matures, it will be an even bigger opportunity for its mobile video team to compete.

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