Why you should invest in bitcoin on a short term basis


A number of companies have been working on a blockchain-based bitcoin exchange that would allow users to buy bitcoin for a small fee on an exchange.

However, the technology is not ready to be widely used.

A company called Digital Currency Group (DCG) is hoping to change that.

It has created a blockchain based bitcoin exchange, the DAX, that aims to provide liquidity to investors.

The company says it will offer customers bitcoin futures, a bitcoin futures contract and a futures trading account.

DCG says that it will also offer trading in cryptocurrencies like ether, litecoin and ethereum, which are not currently available on the exchange.

The exchange is available on DAX.com.

“In the blockchain-centric world we’re going to be the first and the most active in the space, because there’s a lot of demand for it,” DCG CEO Chris Larsen said.

“So we’re very excited about it and we’re working very hard to make it work.”

The company also announced it would be accepting bitcoin for its services in 2017.

Larsen said DCG would like to see its services offered in Europe, where a number of bitcoin trading platforms are currently operating.

However he added that the company will only work with the biggest players in the bitcoin industry.

The company has also launched a website that aims for a high level of transparency.

A listing of its employees, partners and investors is available at dakx.com, which has been set up by DCG.

However it is not yet clear how the website will be managed.

The site is accessible via a mobile app and users can also view and manage the DCG platform.

The DCG website has been live for more than two months, and Larsen has said he plans to expand the platform over time.

While bitcoin trading is currently limited to the exchanges that DCG operates, Larsen says he has no plans to stop using bitcoin for any reason at the moment.

He said the cryptocurrency is still a relatively new technology, but he hopes it will one day become the dominant means of payment.

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