How to buy an iPhone 8 Plus on Best Buy


We’ve seen the iPhone 8S and 8S Plus and now, it’s time to see if the Apple Watch can get the job done.

Best Buy’s flagship store has been getting plenty of requests for a cheaper version of the Apple watch in the past couple of weeks, and we’ve been waiting for the time to be right.

The iPhone 8+ is now available in a “Classic Edition” with a black case and silver band, which is a much cheaper price tag than the “Classic” Apple Watch with black case.

It also includes the same features as the regular Apple Watch, but the black band is missing an antenna.

The black band on the iPhone Plus is now made of a more premium material that will last longer than the black-band Apple Watch and should be more durable.

It’s still not the same as the Apple’s black band, but it’s cheaper and better than the Black Edition, which costs $1,200.

The price tag is $399.99, which works out to about $0.04 per hour, according to Best Buy.

So if you want to get a watch with a case that’s more than $100 cheaper than the regular one, you can’t go wrong.

We also recently saw a $99 “Super Saver Edition” of the iPhone that was offered with a metal band and antenna for $149.99.

It still had a stainless steel case and a stainless strap, but you can now add an antenna and a case for $49.99 more than the Apple Plus.

The Apple Watch is now listed on for $99, and the iPhone comes with an “Original White” strap that looks like it’s going to be a better value than the iPhone.

We’ve reached out to BestBuy to get more details on how the iPhone models are different.

Apple has been making a lot of announcements about its upcoming $19 billion purchase of Beats Electronics, but we’ve yet to hear anything official about the Apple watches.

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