Watch the new MTV Video Music Awards on Wednesday with a live preview


Today, the MTV Video Albums are finally going live, but for the last couple of years, the band’s YouTube channel has been a prime source for music videos and music videos with music.

The channel is currently home to more than two million videos, many of which are exclusive to the channel.

Now, that’s all changing.

The video music streaming service is launching a new feature called “Live on YouTube” on Wednesday, which will allow users to watch YouTube videos while they are streaming on a smartphone or tablet.

The new feature is a bit of a twist for the channel, which is often a little more of a mashup of traditional music videos, live music, and videos that are part of the MTV channel.

The idea behind Live on YouTube is that users will have the option to watch music videos while streaming on their smartphone or a tablet.

This feature will be available on both iOS and Android devices, and it’s not the only one that’s coming.

There’s also a new “Video Editor” app available for iPhone and iPad that will allow you to record video with up to seven clips.

You can also record a music video while you’re listening to music.

There is also a live streaming audio editor in the iOS app called Live on Radio, which allows you to create live radio plays in the background while you watch music.

There are also a bunch of other features available in the new app.

You can record video and stream it while you are in your phone or tablet and it can automatically sync with your music player, and you can also edit your music video on the fly while you listen to music, or you can record the video and play it back in a loop while you take a break from the video.MTV is also adding more features to the video app over the next few months, including “Videos on Demand,” which will let you watch video on demand for a fixed amount of time.

MTV will also add a “MTV Music” section, which includes a curated playlist of curated videos, curated songs, and curated music videos.

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