How to make a business that’s not a big business


Marketers know their customers better than anyone.

They know the mood of a given market, the tastes of a particular customer and the moods of their own employees.

They also know which people buy and sell.

But the more they understand these things, the more complicated they become.

In short, they’re human.

In this article we’ll explain how to make your product, or service, work like a human, without making a big deal about how you do it.

You’re not human if you’re not aware of how your product works.

In the next few sections, we’ll give you the tools to do it in real life.

You’ll be able to turn a business into a human business by learning from the human business.

You can start your own business and do it right now.

Why not start today?

Here are some questions to consider: Do you want to make money?

You probably already know that.

Do you have a product?

If not, how do you make money on it?

Will it sell?

Is there a market for it?

Do you need a website?

How long will it last?

Do your customers want to buy your product?

Are they willing to spend a little money?

How many people do you need to reach a certain number of sales?

How much money will you need for a website, to get your business off the ground?

How to do a business survey: 1.

Identify your customers and their preferences 2.

Build a sales team 3.

Create a product line 4.

Sell it on the internet 5.

Do a marketing campaign (if you have one) 6.

Test the product.


Test other products 8.

Do the market research 9.

Sell your product to the customer 10.

Test your business model 11.

Do your market research and market research again.

Do these steps sound familiar?

You’ll need a lot of them, but the basic ones are the same.

Start with identifying your customers.

If you’re doing it right, you can figure out what your target customers are.

If not: What’s your audience?

Are their interests aligned?

Are there any problems they might have?

Are you going to be able or willing to take on more customers?

Are people willing to pay a little more for your product or service?

How do you identify your potential customers?

Do they like your products?

Are your products good enough for their needs?

Are the customers willing to put up with the inconvenience?

Are those customers willing or able to pay extra for your service?

Are consumers willing to wait a little longer before buying?

Do the people who pay extra will be willing to buy the product if they can find a way to get it faster?

Do people who are willing to change their minds about your product and services are willing and able to keep coming back for more?

Are customers willing and willing to sign up for a longer-term relationship?

Are some of your customers willing?

Do those customers need a guarantee that they’ll be loyal to you and not just repeat customers?

If so, how much loyalty do they need?

How can you make sure they’re not going to change again?

Is it worth spending money on your marketing campaign?

Is your product really a good fit for your target customer?

Are all of your existing customers willing customers?

Can you get your existing clients to buy?

Do these people really want to spend money on a product they don’t really need?

Are existing customers loyal?

Can they trust your product enough to continue to buy it?

Can your customers trust you?

Are loyal customers willing pay more to be loyal?

Do customers want more product?

Do loyal customers want less?

What if your customers don’t like the product?

How will you get them to buy again?

Will they be loyal if you keep on cutting their service?

What are your customer expectations?

Are these expectations realistic?

Will your customers be loyal enough to pay more?

Can loyal customers pay for it on their own?

How are customers willing/able to pay for products?

How likely are customers to pay upfront?

How confident are you that your product is worth the money?

What should your customers expect?

Are loyalty levels realistic?

Do salespeople really believe that their salespeople will be able and willing?

Are salespeople able to get customers to spend?

Will customers buy more if they know you can get them more quickly?

Are new customers really loyal?

Are repeat customers willing consumers?

Can repeat customers trust the product enough?

Will repeat customers want the product for a long-term?

Are recurring customers willing repeat customers to stick with you?

Can recurring customers buy your products if they feel like they can’t get anything else?

Are products like this going to make you rich?

Are things like these going to get you in the door of big companies?

Are big companies like this interested in making you rich and profitable?

Will these companies be willing or capable of getting you in to them?

Do big companies really want you to be a product guy?

Will big companies hire you

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