How to buy the best sports equipment in China


The best sports gear in China is available for purchase through Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

The platform, which has more than 7,000 million users, allows consumers to buy sports equipment from Chinese manufacturers, such as Adidas, for less than $2,000.

For sports equipment, Alibaba offers a wide range of items from helmets to gloves, which it will sell on its site.

Alibaba is a leader in the online retailing of sporting goods, but its product offerings are not as comprehensive as those of the leading sports retailers such as Inc. or Newegg Inc., which can sell nearly identical equipment to consumers.

Alibaba said it will soon add a special section for sports equipment on its website to make it easier for consumers to find equipment from China, including its own.

Alibaba’s online sales platform also sells a wide variety of apparel, footwear, and accessories for sale through its website.

Alibaba Group has been one of China’s biggest online retailers, and its sales have soared since the start of the year, growing by more than 1,500 percent from the previous year.

The company said its online platform, dubbed Taobao, has more to offer than its rivals.

Alibaba will offer its own sports apparel and footwear as well as apparel and accessories that come from its own factories.

Alibaba bought Taobama, which operates in China and Taiwan, in 2012, and has said it plans to expand its business in China.

Alibaba recently launched Taobamers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Alibaba currently has more a $2.8 billion market value.

The Chinese ecommerce company said it expects Taobamas sales in the first quarter of next year to surpass the $3.5 billion that it earned in the same period last year.

“This is the first step toward building a new e-sales business, Alibaba Group,” Alibaba chief executive officer Terry Gou said in an interview.

“We are aiming to be the largest online sports retailer in the world.”

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