Why does it cost so much to buy food?


There are several factors to consider when purchasing food.

The most obvious is cost.

The cost of buying food is dependent on the amount of land, water, electricity, labour, land-use permits and infrastructure needed to grow food.

As of 2017, India has about 14 million acres of farmland that is earmarked for farming, according to the Department of Agriculture.

That means that if you need to buy a hectare of land to grow rice, wheat, or other food crops, you need about $7,500 per hectare, according the Agriculture Ministry.

The amount of food produced by India’s farmers is estimated at about 1.5 billion tonnes, according data from the United Nations.

That would mean that a hectaret of land costs about $1.5 million to $2.2 million per hectaret.

A hectaret can also include water, land and infrastructure, and so on.

India’s food system is also complex, as it depends on rainfall, soil fertility, soil nutrients and water availability.

That makes it hard to calculate how much food you can get for the money you spend.

The government has put some money into the Food Security Fund (FSF), which aims to provide $5 billion annually to farmers.

But even though the fund is in its second year, it’s still only $1 billion short of the target.

If the government wanted to invest in food systems, it would need to spend up to $4 billion, said Manish Suresh, the director general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of India.

The FSF was started in 2017 to ensure that farmers receive a share of the fruits of their labour.

But it has been criticised for not taking account of water and soil depletion, which are factors that make farming more costly than before.

India needs to spend $7 billion annually on food security for farmers, according a report by the National Institute of Planning and Policy (NIPPR).

The government should also ensure that there are adequate water supplies for farmers to irrigate their land, said Sureshe.

The biggest challenge is getting adequate land and land-saving measures implemented.

The land is also scarce and land prices are high.

The World Bank estimated in 2017 that India needs about $6 billion in land reforms and subsidies over the next two decades.

In the meantime, the government is trying to fix the land-holding issue.

But the problem is not solved without massive investments in agriculture, said Ramaswamy.

The next time you need rice or wheat, think twice about buying it from a farmer.

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