Trump: I have to take a shot at Iran market, says China president


U.S. President Donald Trump is warning China that he won’t be able to keep up with the pace of U.N. sanctions and that he’ll have to play a tougher game if he wants to avoid a trade war with the world’s second-largest economy.

Trump made the comments in a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House Tuesday afternoon, which came as the U.K. and other Western countries launched an investigation into Chinese attempts to disrupt the U-N.

climate change summit.

Trump also said the U.-N.

summit is a “terrible deal” for the U, and “very unfair.”

He added that he “doesn’t want to have a trade conflict with China” and said he wants the U to negotiate with the “big guys.”

“The biggest trade problem we have is with China.

And the reason we have trade problems is because they are the biggest traders, they have the biggest influence,” Trump said.

“We will have to do a better job negotiating, because it is a big problem.”

The president is also expected to outline his plans to address climate change at a meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington on Thursday.

But he will not directly address the global trade war between China and the U., which has seen some countries, including the U.’s, take action against U.s businesses in recent weeks.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to impose tariffs on Chinese goods and imposed punitive tariffs on imports from China in retaliation for a U.A.E. trade deal.

China has accused Trump of being too soft on Beijing and is demanding that Washington reverse its policy of protecting its economic interests.

“I will take a strong, very aggressive stance against China.

They are the number one trading nation,” Trump told the governors meeting.

“They have tremendous power in the world and I will take that very, very, strong stand against them.”

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