When will the new supermarket come to market?


Posted July 07, 2018 06:21:57 The City Market, which opened in the north of the state in March, is set to open in the next few weeks.

The project was completed at a cost of $1.2 billion, but is now the subject of an ambitious $3.3 billion project by a consortium of property developers and food retailers, including Loblaw, Coles, Lidl and Aldi.

The new supermarket will be located on the site of the old Market.

The City Market is set for completion in the second half of 2019, with the first stores to open to the public set to start in 2020.

Loblaw has announced plans to build a supermarket in the city, but Aldi has already moved ahead with plans for a retail and hospitality centre at its former location in the same city.

“We have always been a part of the City Market project,” Aldi said in a statement.

“Loblaws has had a long and successful history in Brisbane, with many years of great growth, and this new retail and hotel centre will provide a great opportunity to engage with the local community.”

“The city is a vibrant place with an enormous amount of potential, and we look forward to the exciting opening of this exciting new retail centre,” Aldis statement continued.

“This is a prime opportunity for our community to become more connected to their local community and explore exciting opportunities in their local market.”

The City and Country Council has already approved the redevelopment plan for the site, with Council members saying it is the most significant redevelopment of the area in a decade.

“The City of Brisbane is a dynamic, innovative and globally-minded city, with a rich and vibrant culture,” the statement said.

“It is essential that we ensure that Brisbane continues to attract and retain the talent that drives the city’s economic development and the City of Queensland’s economic success.”

The council said the City and County Council would continue to engage the community on the redevelopment of land in the City.

“City and Country councillors will continue to work with the City to understand and implement the redevelopment plans for the City,” the council statement said

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