How the Quincy Market Became the Market Basket flyer


Quincians are a small but vocal minority in this small but diverse island nation.

While they’ve made a name for themselves selling everything from wine to vegetables to fish, they’re not popular with other members of the community.

They say their status as a minority makes them unwelcome, and it’s not surprising they’re being targeted. 

“We feel like we’re being persecuted,” said Toni Cepeda, a Quinconian who runs the local Quinoa Café.

“We feel discriminated against.

We feel like if we’re here, we’re unwelcome.”

For the past few years, a new market has been popping up in Quinco’s seaside town of Piedmont, where locals are starting to see the impact the Quinoa Boom is having on the local economy.

The market was founded last year by the Quinaque and Quinces, a couple from Quinaquia, and has been taking over the town’s market and selling its produce and seafood.

Quinaquinia, a town of just over 7,000 people, is home to a small village with a small population of about 100.

For years, locals had to walk long distances to shop, and many of the shops in the area were run by migrant workers.

When the market opened, it was a boon for local farmers, who were able to sell their produce at low prices to people on the mainland.

“The market is growing and people are really excited about it,” said Cepera.

“People have become so used to walking to their local market, and now they can’t even do that.”

The local market has now expanded into the nearby town of Portes, which has grown to about 4,000 residents.

Quincos are seeing a similar effect, and Cepesa said it’s helping to revitalize the town.

“We’re really excited,” she said.

Despite the challenges, Ceperas and her family say they’re still excited to have a Quinoa market in Quinaquetia.

The Quinque MarketBasket flyer, which is available on the Quinas market website, offers free, high-quality ingredients for Quinaques to buy, as well as QuinaQes, a unique type of quinoa that are grown on the island. 

Cepera and her husband have two kids, who are both Quinaqes, and they said they have no plans to stop selling their produce to mainland customers.

“My family will always be here,” Ceperia said.

“They love it here.

They just want to go home and do what they do best.”

With a market on the rise, the Quiniquia MarketBaskets has already surpassed its first goal. 

With just one month to go before the market closes on March 9, Quinas residents are excited for their new market to open, and even more so when the local government will be releasing a plan to help create jobs for the locals.

market basket flyer quincy market

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