The Verge’s new “Best” feature for 2017


When we think of the best products for 2018, the first things that come to mind are smartphones.

The Apple Watch is the most obvious, followed by the Apple Watch Sport, Samsung Gear Live, and even the new Apple Watch.

And now we’re also starting to see the first wave of smartwatches that use artificial intelligence.

The Verge has just announced its 2017 Smartwatches of the Year, which feature a slew of new devices that aim to help consumers get the most out of their smartwipes.

The lineup is stacked from the top down: The new Apple Watches are powered by a quad-core processor, which means they’re designed to work together and are capable of running more complex apps.

The latest iteration, the Apple HealthWatch, is the first smartwatch to use Google Assistant to control the device, and the new Google Wear smartwatch has a heart rate monitor built-in.

The new Gear Live smartwatch is also capable of supporting a host of third-party apps.

And the Apple watch, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch app on the new Gear app are available on Android Wear, making them the first wearables that can connect to Android Wear devices.

The Verge’s list of the “Best Smartwalls” isn’t just focused on the Apple Wathes, but also the upcoming Apple Watch S, Apple watch 3, and now the Apple watches themselves.

The smartwalls are all designed to provide you with a seamless experience with your smartwatch, and they’re all designed for the modern smartwatch market.

While we can’t say for sure that all of these products will make the cut, they all offer something that we like about the smartwides: They’re smart, and have a bunch of apps.

Here are some of the apps you should be checking out this year:The Verge list of 2017’s Best Smartwands will be updated throughout the month of September, so keep checking back for the latest.

If you’re not sure which smartwatch you want to buy this year, be sure to check out our roundup of the most important smartwares for 2018.

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