West Side Market to open July 2-5, 2019


Market is scheduled to open at the same time as the season begins on July 2, 2019.

The store will be located at 542 S. University Ave.

in St. Paul, with a first floor featuring a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a children’s play area.

It will also feature a grocery store and a gift shop, according to a news release.

It is located in a former building that once housed a local grocery store.

The West Side Marketplace will feature local produce, meat, seafood, baked goods, fresh produce, craft beer, wine and spirits.

It has a full-service bar, and is open to the public beginning July 2.

The project is the brainchild of Mike and Melissa Smith, who also are working on the project.

They are raising funds through the GoFundMe page.

“We’ve worked so hard on this and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Mike Smith.

“I think the community is going to really enjoy this and have a good time.”

A few items to look for at the West Side Markets: 1.

Fresh produce, fresh meat, and locally produced meats 2.

Fresh fish and seafood 3.

Fresh eggs and eggs products 4.

Cider and cider products 5.

Craft beer, wines and spirits 6.

Local cheese products 7.

Local dairy products 8.

Local olive oil products 9.

Local honey and honey products 10.

Local meats and poultry products 11.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices 12.

Fresh and frozen dairy products 13.

Local bread and pasta products 14.

Local baked goods 15.

Local ice cream sundaes 16.

Fresh baked goods with fresh fruits and vegetables 17.

Local hot dog and burger buns 18.

Local salads 19.

Fresh pasta and meat products 20.

Local fruit juice and juice concentrates 21.

Local soups and stews 22.

Local tea and coffee beverages 23.

Local coffees and teas 24.

Fresh coffee and tea products 25.

Fresh dried fruit products 26.

Fresh fresh milk products 27.

Fresh canned meats and seafood 28.

Fresh tomatoes and potatoes 29.

Fresh carrots and potatoes 30.

Fresh apples and pears 31.

Fresh mushrooms and zucchinis 32.

Fresh sweet potatoes 33.

Fresh peppers, peppers and onions 34.

Fresh kale and greens 35.

Fresh peas and beans 36.

Fresh red peppers, beans, peas and sweet potatoes 37.

Fresh herbs, garlic and herbs 38.

Fresh roasted or dried herbs 39.

Fresh fruit and vegetables 40.

Fresh meats, poultry and seafood products 41.

Fresh cheese products 42.

Fresh spices, spices, herbs and spices 43.

Fresh salads and fresh prepared foods 44.

Fresh juices, teas, coffees, teacups and other beverage products 45.

Fresh meat products 46.

Fresh seafood products 47.

Fresh hot dogs and burgers 48.

Fresh pork products 49.

Fresh poultry products 50.

Fresh bacon products 51.

Fresh beans, beans and spices 52.

Fresh sausages and bacon products 53.

Fresh salad dressings and sauces 54.

Fresh chicken products 55.

Fresh shrimp products 56.

Fresh crab and lobster products 57.

Fresh lobster products 58.

Fresh turkey products 59.

Fresh corn and corn products 60.

Fresh onions and bell peppers 61.

Fresh broccoli and cauliflower products 62.

Fresh garlic products 63.

Fresh soybeans 64.

Fresh melons, watermelon, pineapple, pineapple and other fruits 65.

Fresh pears, grapes, watermelons and other vegetables 66.

Fresh grapes, citrus fruits, watercress and other varieties 67.

Fresh peaches, plum, peaches and other types of grapes 68.

Fresh cranberries, gooseberries, pecan and other berries 69.

Fresh cantaloupe and plum juices 70.

Fresh cherries, pears and other fruit juices 71.

Fresh mangoes, mangoes and other kinds of fruit 72.

Fresh figs, pomegranates, grapefruits, oranges and other citrus fruits 73.

Fresh grapefruit and lemon juices 74.

Fresh apple cider vinegar 75.

Fresh blueberries, strawberries, pina coladas and other tart cherries 76.

Fresh watermelon and other watermelon varieties 77.

Fresh strawberries, strawberries and other pomegnes 78.

Fresh dates and other dates varieties 79.

Fresh blackberries, blackberries and other blackberries 80.

Fresh raspberries, raspes and others 81.

Fresh lemons, lemons and other lemons 82.

Fresh oranges, oranges, pomels and other orange varieties 83.

Fresh apricots, leeks, mushrooms, zucchini and other zucchininis 84.

Fresh cucumbers, cucumbers and other cucumbers 85.

Fresh kiwis, green beans, lentils, beans or peas 86.

Fresh chard, peas, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables 87.

Fresh turnips, turnips and other brussels sprouts 88.

Fresh radishes, tomatoes and other tomato varieties 89.

Fresh brussel sprouts, br

west side market

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