When will Italian-made goods arrive in Australia?


Posted February 14, 2020 08:51:33The arrival of Italian-produced goods in Australia could come as early as next year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has confirmed the first shipment of Italian made goods will be arriving in Australia this week.

The agency said the Italian products are being sent to the New South Wales Government for processing.

It is understood the first shipments of Italian produced goods will arrive in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

It was announced on Monday the Italian product was made by the Italian firm Silvio Bologna and will be available in Australian stores by the end of the year.ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said he expected Italian made products would be available on supermarket shelves by the middle of next year, but did not give a timeframe for when that might be.

“It will be a couple of weeks before it becomes available to consumers in Australia,” Mr Sims said.

He said the commission was still awaiting a decision on the arrival of the Italian goods, and it was unclear how long they would take to be available.

“We will certainly be reviewing our supply chain management strategy in the next couple of months and that will include examining all of our supply chains across the country,” Mr Sim said.

“I would urge consumers to keep an eye out for their local supermarket and check the availability of the products.”

The Commission’s interim report said the arrival would be a significant milestone for the country and its economy.

It said the first batches of Italian goods were expected to arrive in Australian markets by the start of 2020.

“The Commission will be making an assessment of the impact of the arrival on our national retail system, our industry and the overall economy, and will also undertake a review of our consumer protection regime,” the report said.


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