How to spot a counterfeit green market

China’s wet market is the fastest-growing of the major economies, and with growing demand for food and other products, it has been a boon for China’s central bank.But with food and retail sales growing faster than demand, the country’s government is starting to worry that counterfeiters are making their way to its markets.“It’s the largest


How to get started in cryptocurrency investing

CNBC has been the home of cryptocurrency for the last few years.But now it is changing.CNBC is going to go all-in on crypto investing, and it is doing so by partnering with a new company that is betting big on crypto.CNBC’s digital currency investment program, called CryptoInvest, is the first time the network has partnered


How to buy fresh seafood in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — With the market in Hong kong open until Wednesday, locals have been able to make a lot of purchases.But they have been having trouble finding a good source of fresh seafood.There’s been a surge in demand for fresh fish from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa.A Chinese fishing company, Sino


When will Italian-made goods arrive in Australia?

Posted February 14, 2020 08:51:33The arrival of Italian-produced goods in Australia could come as early as next year.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has confirmed the first shipment of Italian made goods will be arriving in Australia this week.The agency said the Italian products are being sent to the New South Wales Government for


How to spot a crime on the move: Crime alerts

The city of Mumbai is known for its thriving nightlife and nightlife culture, and the city’s nightlife is nothing if not a hotspot for thieves.The Mumbai Police has posted notices on its website that it has issued notices for people who are found guilty of violating the nightlife regulations.These notices can lead to arrests and

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