The 10 stocks that could be the next big loser

The stock market has fallen, but not nearly as much as people were expecting.For the year to date, the S&P 500 has gained 5.6%.But as you’ll see, it could be just 2.5% below its all-time high of 17,637.24.The biggest losers, according to S&amps stock market analyst Robert Greenstein, are energy producers and metals companies, with


Why are there so many fake Facebook shares?

The number of fake shares on Facebook has surged from about a dozen to nearly 300, according to a new report from a Cambridge-based firm.The study was released as the company was forced to suspend trading in shares after an SEC investigation into its trading platform.“We don’t believe Facebook’s stock is being sold for profit,”


How to Invest in African Market Now: What You Need to Know

We’re all familiar with the African market.It’s a very important part of our daily lives.But how to find the best investment opportunities in the region?And how can we make the most of our investments?Here’s everything you need to know.1.Invest in Africa Today: Africa is the biggest continent in the world.That’s the biggest reason why Africa’s


Which companies are using social media for marketing?

The social media landscape has changed dramatically since the last big tech company shut down its marketing funnel, and it’s changing again.It used to be that most companies would spend their marketing dollars on paid advertising, or on a variety of online channels to get more eyeballs.But now, those channels are dominated by mobile apps.“It’s


Farmers market: Farmers sell at record high

Farmers are selling at record highs as the world’s largest agribusinesses pump more cash into the market amid the global commodity crash.The global market for crops, including soybeans, corn and wheat, is in free fall, driven by supply shortages and the arrival of a record-low price for soybeans.Farmers are also selling at an all-time high


Why is the stock market in a bubble?

In 2017, the stock markets in the US, UK and Australia crashed, causing investors to flee.What could have been an epic event, when the market was about to rise again, turned out to be a one-off.What was once seen as a potential turning point in a year turned out not to be so.The stock market

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