Why is the job market so bad?

In a time of financial austerity, many people are finding it hard to find work.The UK’s unemployment rate stands at 10.1 per cent, which means people are still in work for longer than they would have been without the recession.The government has responded by cutting the unemployment benefit by one percentage point, but many people


China’s Dow closes up 9.7% in second day

Shanghai, China — China’s Dow fell 9.8% in Shanghai on Wednesday, the world’s biggest-ever fall.The Sichuan province-based market regulator said the Dow closed up 7.3% for the first time in three weeks.The Dow has fallen more than 10% since November.China has seen the market collapse in recent years due to the financial crisis and the


Which stocks are most likely to fall this week?

Stock market futures prices, as seen by the U.S. stock market, fell on Wednesday.But while most of the market rallied, the broader market saw its worst day in nearly six months.On Wednesday, the S&P 500 fell 3.2 percent.That was its worst week-to-week decline since March.The S&p 500, a reference to the Standard & Poor’s 500


Which is better for Irish stock markets?

The Irish Stock Market has been a source of great excitement for many Irish investors.The Irish markets are the largest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.These markets are also among the biggest producers of financial assets in the European Union.They also provide the largest exposure to the stock market in the

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